HFR (Health Facilities Regulation)


The main functions of the Health Care Facilities (HCF) department is to receive and register requests for licensing and operation of private health care facilities, amending the activity of licensed health facilities, approval on partial or total closure, and waiver of the health care facility. In addition to ensure the extent of fulfilling technical and engineering safety regulations required prior the issuance of final approvals for new facilities, or before the license renewal through the inspection visit based on Resolution Number 2 for the year 2019.

The HCF Department is concerned with exercising the functions of NHRA in relation to the provisions of law no. (21) of 2015 regarding private health care facilities, and to the following functions: 

Article (19): NHRA’s responsibility for evaluating health services provided in all facilities to ensure quality and high performance of those services and ensure compliance with regulations and standards related to patient safety, infection control, and other technical standards.

Article (20): NHRA’s responsibilities for inspection to ensure compliance of private health facilities with the law and regulations issued to implement it.