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NHRA Annual Report

Annual Report 2023


This report summarizes our dedication to ensuring the highest standards of healthcare regulation and oversight in the Kingdom. NHRA navigated 2023 with resilience and adaptability, demonstrating our continued commitment towards upholding the highest standards in health regulation. Our efforts have been focused on enhancing the regulatory framework, fostering collaboration with stakeholders, and embracing technological advancements to better serve the community...

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Annual Report 2022


Another year has passed, and we are to celebrate our achievements. It was a year full of challenges where we strived to achieve our goals and meet our KPIs. One of the most important goals was to be recognized internationally as

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Annual Report 2021


With the dynamic evolution of the country’s strategy in dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic and its implications on healthcare systems, NHRA has continued to prove itself a pragmatic, progressive regulator. NHRA is pleased to present this annual report which reflects highlights of our organization’s commendable achievements in 2021...

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Annual Report 2020


Covid-19 caused many challenges to businesses in 2020 both internationally and in the Kingdom of Bahrain. These challenges necessitated for organizations to be creative and adopt to change. The National Health Regulatory Authority (NHRA) managed to re-engineer its services to respond to the challenges enforced by the pandemic. NHRA immediately implemented changes to ensure continuity of its services and to keep its operations active in all areas.

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Annual Report 2019


In 2019, the authority introduced many updates to the health sector’s regulatory frameworks and continued to review its operations regularly and in particular with regards to regulating health care facilities and professionals, supervising registration and licensing of drugs and medical devices, regulations for conducting clinical trials, and continuing medical education reviews.

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Annual Report 2018


It is with a lot of honor and pride to present the National Health Regulatory Authority’s Annual Report for 2018. At the end of a very busy year of new work processes and technology integrations, it gives me great pleasure to look back over the accomplishments made this past year.

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Annual Report 2017


The National Health Regulatory Authority (NHRA) saw many new developments in the year 2017. It was a year in which our greatest accomplishment was to achieve 84% of our planned initiatives outlined in our strategic plan.

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Annual Report 2016


In the year 2016, The National Health Regulatory Authority (NHRA) was able to demonstrate remarkable achievements in its regulatory policies and procedures. We are expecting even further improvements by implementing the new five year strategy plan which will enable NHRA to reach global competitiveness in regulating the health sector in the Kingdom.

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Annual Report 2015


Regulate the provision of healthcare in Bahrain to ensure high efficiency, safety and effectiveness in delivering health services; both in the governmental and private sector based on the best scientific principles and health practice standards accredited in the Kingdom.

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Annual Report 2013


To read NHRA Annual Report 2013

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